Not your standard workout.

Welcome to the world of Functional Dynamic training

At Fitani Fitness Club, we believe in only the highest standards of fitness and health. Cardio, resistance training, and recovery is vital to staying healthy and reaching your goals, but beating up your body and joints to look a certain way is not.  This is why we have designed our classes to include dynamic, functional training using resistance and equipment that are appropriate for beginners, hardcore for fitness enthusiasts, and functional for everyone to help you move about life easier.

The Experience

Rule out boredom.

A workout you can't wait to do again.

Fun, exhilarating.  Results that SHOW.

We know how important it is to want to workout again.  

Come to Fitani and complete exercise rounds that will include fun and exciting exercises such as skiing, burpees, rowing, ball slams, boxing, kickboxing and ab work.  Show up and find out what two circuits you will be don't know what cards you've been dealt until you're in it to win it! 

Show up, work hard, sweat, and change your physique.

What to Expect

Warm Up

Before you begin the best, most intense workout of your life, you must start with a dynamic warm up using the equipment at your circuit station.  After your warm up, you will start your workout rounds.  Each class consists of TWO 20-minute dynamic circuits.  There are 5 circuits total in our club, so you never know which set of two areas you will be working at on any given day until you are given your cards when you arrive.

The Circuits

Each circuit includes dynamic, intense rounds of exercises that have an overall goal: time, intensity, or failure...or all of the above. Push yourself to your limits and try to be better than your last workout!

Use combinations of: SkiErg, Slam Ball, Rower, weighted bags, Cardio Stepper, kickboxing, Echo Bikes, ab work, and body weight training.

Never will you run in circles in our club.

Rest Times

Your rest times are worked into your workout of the day.  Each workout is different, and so are your rest times. You choose how you rest. Grab some water and take a break, throw in some squats, jog in place to keep your heart rate up, or curl up in fetal position and's your minute, use it how you wish!

Stretch and Cooldown

Your last few minutes in the workout area are yours to stretch, catch your breath, drink some aminos, whatever you need to do you.  We have options for recovery listed in the club as well as suggested stretching, but if you want to recover in the sauna right away or if you need to get to work, you choose how you finish up your workout and manage your own time.

The Circuits

The SkiErg X-durance Circuit

Burn: Skiing + Core Work

Includes a SkiErg and dynamic core exercises.

The Rugged Cardio Circuit

Sweat: Climbing + Rowing

Includes climbing on a cardio stepper and rowing on a water rower. 

The Kickboxing Circuit

Power: Boxing, Kickboxing, + MMA

Includes boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and various bodyweight exercises.  No experience needed.

The X-FITani Circuit

Pump: Rogue Echo Bike + Weighted Bags

Includes resistance cardio on an Echo bike with various dynamic resistance exercises.

The Stepper LEG Circuit

Build: Cardio Stepper + Legs

Includes high resistance climbing with focused leg exercises.


Heat: Sauna


Reserve your sauna time. Be advised that there are times specifically blocked off for men and women separately, so make sure you plan ahead and book your appropriate slot. 

Ready to get started?  All skill and fitness levels welcome!

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