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At Fitani Fitness Club we’ve designed classes to train your body in functional ways to help you do what's most important to you each day.

Ski, Climb, Row, jump, punch, kick, push, pull...move your body in natural ways, build muscle, trim fat, and become more athletic with each different exercise.  Each class is designed to challenge you, no matter your fitness level.  


Hybrid Metabolic Conditioning

Every class includes dynamic, functional cardiovascular endurance along with resistance training to MAXIMIZE CALORIE BURN. CLIMB, ROW, CYCLE, and SKI your way to a sculpted physique.  Classes burn 500-1000 calories depending on body type and personal exercise intensity.


Classes include a mix of boxing, kickboxing, and dynamic training to shape, tone, and shred body fat.  Each class is different and you won't know what circuits you'll be doing until you check in. Go at your own pace and set your mind to crush your workout, and your own personal records.  Feel empowered to PUSH YOURSELF TO YOUR LIMITS. One workout and you'll feel the difference, guaranteed.


Muscle and Cardiovascular Endurance.

Recover from your intense workouts with a Recovery Session.  Reserve your time in one of our far infrared saunas to maximize your workout.  Improve blood flow, detox, increase performance and recover faster, boost your immune system, improve the look of your skin, relieve sore muscles and joint pain, and more!  You'll walk away feeling refreshed and ready to conquer your day. 

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